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Agnetha Faltskog Dance Your Pain Away

Dance Your Pain Away – Lyrics

‘Dance Your Pain Away’ is a dance number from the album A by Agnetha Faltskog.   The track was released  on May 28, 2013 in the United States as the second single after ‘When You Really Loved Someone

Dance Your Pain Away Lyrics

Agnetha Faltskog photo

Agnetha Faltskog – Biography and Pictures

Agnetha Faltskog celebrates her birthday, on April 5.  She turns even more beautiful age the age of 63. The quintessentially beautiful singer with an even beautiful voice, has always been an enigma for people, her contribution to ABBA is profound. Now on the verge of releasing her new album ‘A’,  Agnetha seems to have shed her introvert lifestyle, albeit for some time.

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Agnetha Faltskog Back with Solo Album ‘A’

Agnetha Faltskog, the ABBA girl, has made a come-back with the single ‘When you really loved someone’ from their album ‘A’.  The legendary singer, who is 62 now, said that she will release her first album since the past nine years in May 2013.

Agnetha Faltskog A

Songs in ‘A’ – Agnetha Faltskog’s New Album

A, Agentha Faltskog’s latest album has 10 songs which  are as follows :

1. The One Who Loves You Now

2. When You Really Loved Someone

3. Perfume In the Breeze

Agnetha Faltskog now

When you really loved someone – Lyrics, Song Review

Here are the lyrics of ‘When You Really Loved Someone’ from Agnetha Faltskog.  The song was released on March 11. 2013 as her first single of her fifth English solo album ‘A’, which she  released after 9 years.  When You Really Loved Someone was written and produced by Jorgen Eloffson.  The song is a beautiful ballad and really springs up some beautiful melodious synthesizer music in the latter half of the song.

Agnetha Fältskog

Agnetha Faltskog – Wiki, ABBA Story, Relationships, Photos

Agnetha Åse Fältskog,, one of the most beautiful women in the world and the voice and beauty of ABBA has a really moving story, that spells success and sadness in equal measure.  Since ABBA broke up as a band in 1982, it has been 30 years and it still feels the same. Even at 62,  Agnetha looks beautiful, having aged gracefully, the wrinkles and age-lines a telling story of success and seclusion.


ABBA – Slipping through My Fingers – Lyrics, Records

Slipping through My Fingers is one of the most melodious songs of ABBA.  A heart touching song, it touches a raw chord, as it celebrates the love between a parent and her growing child.

Agnetha Faltskog ABBA

Agnetha Faltskog – Where is she today ?

It has been more than 30 years since Abba attained meteoric success.  Circa 2012, the hottest ABBA band member Agnetha Faltskog is read to make a comeback. In 2013, she will release her solo album as a part of her comeback.