Songs in ‘A’ – Agnetha Faltskog’s New Album

Agnetha Faltskog A

A, Agentha Faltskog’s latest album has 10 songs which  are as follows :

1. The One Who Loves You Now

2. When You Really Loved Someone

3. Perfume In the Breeze

4. I Was a Flower

5. I Should’ve Followed You Home

6. Past Forever

7. Dance Your Pain Away

8. Bubble

9. Back On Your Radio

10. I Keep Them On the Floor Beside My Bed

Gary Barlow of Take That teams up with Agnetha in the song  ‘I Should’ve Followed You Home’. The song ‘ I Keep Them on the Floor Beside my Bed’ is a song written by Agnetha.

‘Dance Your Pain Away’ is a funky disco number, Abba Style. ‘ Back on Your Radio’ is a cool pop number while ‘Bubble’ is a reflection of Agnetha’s attiude towards the world of glamor and fame.  ‘Past Forever’ is a beautiful piano track that captures Agnetha’s beautiful voice in scintillating manner.

Agnetha talked at length about her new Album ‘A’ at Grand Hotel, Stockholm. She said,  ”The album as such didn’t worry me, but my voice really did. I had not sung for such a long time, so I must have thought: What should I do if it’s suddenly gone?”

“It was a good friend of mine who got all this going”, added Agnetha. “She called me and told me that Jörgen Elofsson and Peter Nordahl wanted to play a few of their compositions for me. So they came by and played three songs for me, and I just thought: ‘For heaven’s sake, I just have to join in’. It felt exactly like the right kind of challenge. I asked my daughter: ‘What do you think? Should I do it?’ and she encouraged me.  .”

You can order the album A from iTunes and get the single as an instant download here -

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