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Agnetha Faltskog celebrates her birthday, on April 5.  She turns even more beautiful age the age of 63. The quintessentially beautiful singer with an even beautiful voice, has always been an enigma for people, her contribution to ABBA is profound. Now on the verge of releasing her new album ‘A’,  Agnetha seems to have shed her introvert lifestyle, albeit for some time.

Agnetha Faltskog is known to be one of the hottest women ever, back in the 70s and 80, with hot pants and platform boots, swinging her much-talked about bottom and singing mellifluously, she captured a generation of audiences who are still enamored by her.  Agnetha was a fast learner, at the age of 3; she learnt the harpiscord and by the age of 8, she was adept at the piano.  From 1975 to 1982, ABBA released 18 blockbuster music pieces.

Post the breakup of ABBA, Agnetha did pop up back with some numbers here and there but remained largely recluse.  There were rumors that the diva would make a come-back but she finally did a comeback in 2013 with A,  which features ten songs, including a duet with Gary Barlow of Take That fame.

Agnetha Faltskog however felt that she was the odd-one out in ABBA.  She did not have the confidence and sheer energy like the others. She lacked fluency in English; much as she was beautiful; she did not have an assured poise.  Agnetha Faltskog said in an interview, “I am a country bumpkin. I am not a showgirl. The others like to party. I like to be myself.” She even found it dreadful to perform in public. Though her enviable butt that could put Kim Kardashian to shame, her leggy figure and her beautiful persona complimented her singing,  Agnetha was never comfortable as  a sex-symbol.

Agnetha Faltskog’s stage fright reached to such an extent that she found it tough to perform without whiskey. Musicians love the adulation, she thought of all this as intimidation.  In 1979,  the group’s private jet found itself in a turbulent thunderstorm when it was approaching Boston. Though the plane landed safely, Agnetha developed a permanent fear of flying and has never flown ever since.  In 1989, she was traveling on a coach, which crashed outside Stockholm, sending her through the window into a cold ditch. Since then, Agnetha skipped the idea of traveling and stayed indoors. In fact when Mamma Mia !  the grand musical released in 1999, Agnetha chose to be absent even though everyone else from the group was present.

Agnetha has been saying in her secluded lake-side farm house home on Ekerö, eight miles from Stockholm, one of the most beautiful  islands around the capital of Sweden. Even now fans turn up at her gates regularly for a glimpse or an autograph. Agnetha would oblige with a smile on her face.

Agnetha’s love life has been a complicated mess.  She fell in love with band-mate Bjorn, with whom she had two beautiful children. The marriage broke in 1979 and it was a bitter one at that. The two were seen seeking psychiatric help and counseling.  ABBA broke up shortly. While Bjorn found love in the arms of an advertising professional Lena Källersjö, Agnetha did not find a stable relationship.

Agnetha Faltskog’s affairs included a Swedish ice hockey star, before she fell in love with a fashion designer and then she had a relationship with her marriage counselor.  In 1990, Agentha married a Stockholm doctor by the name of Tomas Sonnerfield and the marriage lasted just for 2 years.

In 2003, Agnetha lodged a police complaint that she was hounded by a stalker, a bespectacled Dutch factory worker who went by the name of Gert Van De Graaf.  She said that she feared for life because of this maniac. People rallied in support of the pop icon and the officers’ raided Van Der Graaf’s little rickety, wooden home only to find thousands of pictures and mementoes from Agnetha’s career.  The police charged Van with threatening Agnetha but in a move that shocked everyone, he said that he had proof that he was not a stalker but Agnetha’s lover and their relationship was passionate and two-sided.  It soon emerged that Agnetha and Gert Van De Graaf had a full blown romance going on and they had even gone on a holiday for two weeks before Agnetha turned him in and called the police

Brita Ahman  a friend of Agnetha says, “When she told me about it, I was extremely surprised. I warned her and said it could be risky. Instead she continued to encourage him. I think it was the point at which many people simply gave up on her.”

No one would have taught that this gawky daughter of a department store manager would one day turn metamorphose to be one of the biggest stars in Europe.  Much as she is shy and not so confident, it is a fact that ABBA would never been as popular as it was without Agnetha Falktskog.  While Björn and Benny were the men behind those beautiful tunes, Anni-Frid provided the zest with her appeal and her sonorous voice, it was Agnetha’s silken voice, her mesmerizing face and her curvaceous figure that made her both visually pleasing and soothing to the ear.  While Agnetha Faltskog readies herself for yet another innings with ‘A’, here’s wishing the timeless beauty a very ‘happy birthday’.

Agnetha Faltskog – Pictures


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